Innovation, Iteration and Ingenious Collaboration.

The promised, mythical all-in-one business software.

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What if we combine an ERP, CRM, SCM and SFA into an all-purpose software?

Crazy, right? No, not crazy. It is about time we started thinking outside of the box. While you focus on working smart, we help you eliminate any friction to make better decisions faster.

Meet Gauss Box, the one tool to rule them all

Plan your projects way ahead of time and track every minute detail. Allocate your budget in a smart way to not only save your money, but precious time too. A minute saved is a minute earned.

Chat, stream, plan, reiterate. We pack all your tools in one big toolbox.

Do more faster and do it smarter with your team.

Project Management

Keep track of all activities with Kanban boards. Search, categorise and label projects. Collaborate, discuss and communicate in-app. Complete doc management - billing, tax management and history. One-click to generate documents, one to store them.

Lead Management

Nurture your leads and access detailed information. Manage your sales team in real time. Use opportunity information to convert leads into customers.

E-learning System

Easy-to-use learning management system. Train your audience or train your employees. Or both! Includes live streaming and lets you fully manage participants and educators.

Products & Services

Manage your warehouses and logistics. Categorise and organise your products and services to get a clean overview. Associate products with one or more categories, prices, products images, units of measure, taxes and more.

Project management extraordinaire

Project management isn't easy, and it leaves little room for error. That is why we go beyond simple planning with fast search and categorisation options. Track your projects by budget height or time spent, status and many other detailed tags.

Your weapon of choice

Battle your deadlines on your chosen field. Desktop or mobile, web, Android or iOS, we cover all the bases.

To learn is human, to e-learn divine

Create courses for your employees or make elaborate video pranks, we won’t judge. To save you time and troubles, you can manage the course fully. Start and end them when you wish, as you wish. Upload your own videos or stream instructions live.

Apps, apps, apps

Managing your business on the go has never been easier. We fully support both Android and iOs applications with a dedicated team of in-house developers. See where your employers are currently or track your trucks across the country. Fill your warehouse with a click to two.

Manage your leads

Tracking and analysis

Track and record the activities of all involved in the lead generation process, from your employees to your leads.

Evaluate with precision

Set up your KPIs and track your diligent employees either manually or automatically. We’ll notify you on who is under or overperforming.

Leads galore

No number of leads is too many. Track them all, label, categorise and organise them in any form your managerial heart desires.

To produce and serve

Whether you deal in products, services or both, you will find a plethora of options to help you manage your business activities and processes, including your warehouse. All of them.

Stop working long hours and start working efficient hours

The time saved adds up over time. You can chat with your colleagues, discuss your ideas, and manage your mails in a neat little package.

Promote a healthy work culture

Concurrent collaboration

Bring your team to the same page. Instead of working one after another, you can work as one with the others. Work is to be shared to have value.

Focus on fast

Annoyed by constant tab switching? Say no more. Our dedicated focus on fast and intuitive design is what paves the way for your seamless workflow.

Value and quality

We value your quality feedback as much as you value quality work. We take user feedback to heart and work to improve your business quality of life.

We understand that change isn't easy

Change isn’t easy. It can be hard and scary. For this reason, we try to think of everything you might need to make this transition as painless as possible. Guided steps and intuitive design enable a smooth transition, and if you ever need help, you can always find us down in the corner. Feel free to ask us anything that’s on your mind.

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