Documents that do the hard work

Forget manual entries. We live in the age of autofill boxes. Make them work for you and you’ll never have to enter the same data twice.

Business paradise

Manage your offices, acquisitions, and sales. Track your logistic processes and other important documents in a highly organized environment

Track your business process

Use the Box to track your business processes and document your progresses. Assign labels and categorise documents into folders with special permissions granted per file or user basis.

Contracts and bills

Issue an invoice, sign a contract and share it around to your colleagues. We empower teams to help them work together and stay on the same page.

Sort it, label it, filter it, search it, quick, organize it

You can sort, filter and search the documents by a vast variety of criteria. From top to the bottom, all your employees will enjoy workflow improvements.

Docs from around the world

Access, create, edit, or discuss your documents from around the globe, on your phone or tablet. Connect your office with your field workers with our desktop and mobile apps.

The stuff that matters

Everything you need to bring your team to work together on the same page.