Click Courses

Are you tired of shallow tools and the lack of organization within? We are too. In the Box, you can start and end courses with but a click of a mouse or a tap of the screen.

Virtual Classroom

Imagine if in your time schooling you had access to everything your professors ever said during a class. Well, yes, that is the power of the virtual classroom. Access all the videos at any time in a single place.

Stream Your Instructions

Maybe a student needs a quick advice or a far away colleague requires immediate help. Whatever the case, you can use our e-learning system to live stream instructions and offer your timely aid.

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge

Connect your videos with topics and start discussing right away. Every course supports an unlimited number of discussions and you choose who can participate.

Exam Slam

The Box is equipped with state-of-the-art exam tools to make your students’ life miserable. We just, of course, but you can create and edit tests with a great number of pregenerated task templates. Oh, and you can limit the test times to really get that thrill going.

Virtual Velocity

Pick a date, run a course, enter an exam, revise, grade, repeat. Our e-learning module is packful of features for teachers and students alike. Education is crucial. Deal with what matters and leave the technicalities in our hands.

The stuff that matters

Everything you need to bring your team to work together on the same page.