What is Gauss Box?

Gauss Box is a powerful all-in-one business platform designed to manage all business processes. It enables the user to efficiently manage day-to-day business operations as well as strategic planning through complex workflows and powerful analytics. The platform consists of several modules which can be used together or separately. Gauss Box is a single replacement for ERP, CRM, SCM, DMS, LMS and Collaboration software.

What business processes are covered in Gauss Box?

At the moment Gauss Box covers the following business processes:

  • Company Management (Employees, Branches and Departments organization)
  • Contact Management
  • Product catalogue and management
  • Materials and external service management
  • Document management
  • Project Management
  • Collaboration and communication (Chat and e-mail)
  • Warehouse Management
  • Content Management and Website design
  • e-Commerce
  • e-Learning
  • Reporting and analytics

Is it possible to adapt Gauss Box to my business processes?

Yes, Gauss Box is adaptable to any business process, company and industry. A large number of elements within the system are customizable according to your needs. On top of that, you can request a custom version of the system if you want to fully customize or add new business processes.

What do I need to access Gauss Box?

For accessing Gauss Box you need computer, email address, internet access and one of the supported web browsers (Chrome and Firefox)

Does Gauss Box integrate with 3rd party apps?

No, at the moment 3rd party integrations are not available. For custom integration please contact sales.

Can I migrate from current system to Gauss Box?

Yes, migration is available if your current system enables it. Migration requires an additional charge. Contact sales if you need a migration plan.

Are system upgrades available to me?

Yes, for users who sign up for Gauss Box early access programme all system upgrades will be available. Admin will get notification of update as soon it's available.

Where can I find pricing?

Please contact sales for price offers.

What is included in the pricing

Pricing includes desired number of user licenses, supporting documentation and customer support.

Can I get a product demo?

Absolutely, please contact sales to arrange product demo at the most convenient time for you.

Who owns data I enter in Gauss Box?

All data you enter is exclusively owned by you. Gauss Box will not use or display any of the data you enter without your written consent and will never be the owner of your data.

Can I install Gauss Box on my servers?

Yes, on-premise installation is available. Please contact sales if you are interested in on-premise installation.

What type of support do you offer?

We offer four types of support:

  • In-app support
  • User Manual
  • Customer support
  • Implementation support

In-app support is provided within Gauss Box in the form of tutorial and in-app help. Both tutorial and in-app help are available at all times and covering multiple topics. User manual is available within Gauss Box package in PDF format. We also offer customer support through telephone, email and live chat on website. Implementation support is optional and charged additionally. If you choose it you will get dedicated implementation manager to help you with set up and use of Gauss Box.

Do you offer 24/7 customer support?

At this moment customer support through telephone and live chat is available from 7:30am to 3:30pm CET. In case you have a question outside this time period please send an email to [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours.