To Produce and to Serve

All your products and services can finally rest in the same place. With fast and easy-to-use search options, you’ll always have all your numbers at hand.

Manage Your Materials

Like products, you can sort materials and group them into categories. You can add photos for easy recognition and connect QR codes, barcodes, units of measure and SKU to really hit it off.

A Warehouse Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

An unlimited number of warehouses adorned by unlimited stock locations. See what’s where and see what’s left and see it now. Take complete control over all of your warehouses.

Stalk the Stock

Use Gauss Box to keep track of your stock. Why run the risk of running out of stock when you can know precisely how much and many you have left in stock?

Notifications Galore

You can set up any number of notifications to alert you when you are running low on a product or material. Minimise the risk and maximise the profit with a smart alert system.

The stuff that matters

Everything you need to bring your team to work together on the same page.