Project reports and report projects

Use the Box to track all your little and big project data. Report logged times and expenses and keep everyone on track with the newest project updates.

Report and track your documents

Report inbound and outgoing invoices and document the documents itself. You can report a number of things with already generated templates or create your own and start from there.

Payments and offers in one place

To tie it all together, tell the Box to notify you when the payday comes and automate the invoice process. Track your offers and payments and report the progress across your team.

Save your budget, track your costs!

Estimated vs tracked time, budget vs cost, not all battles need to be fought alone. Let the Box do what it does best and help you with budget and expense tracking.

Student reports

Report on your students or give them feedback in the form of a report. Whatever you end up choosing, know that your students will be given the opportunity to stay ahead of possible obstacles.

The stuff that matters

Everything you need to bring your team to work together on the same page.